Introduction to Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice (London) – June 7, 2019


Introductory workshop for systemic leadership and consulting practice - an orientation to key concepts and frameworks

Von (from) 9:30 bis (until) 16:30

The Institute of Group Analysis (IGA),

1 Daleham Gardens, London, NW3 5BY

£140. If booked together with the Systemic Organisational Practice Dialogues the fee is £95.

Dr Martin Miksits / Tel: +43-1-2020810-10, Email:

Introduction to Systemic Organisational Practice

This introductory workshop invites an orientation to key concepts of systemic leadership and consulting practice.  It also provides a sound basis for joining the Systemic Organisational Practice Dialogues, June 8-10, and, further, The Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice, January 2020.

Systemic practical theory helps leaders and consultants to orientate within, make sense of and act intelligently in the organisational system, in ways that enable organisational tasks, roles and responsibilities to be meaningfully developed within a multiplicity of contexts such as organisational cultures, relationships and identities.

Our contemporary organisational experience is often fragmented or machine like. The frameworks offered here enables a focus on organisational concerns about effectiveness and efficiency shaped by a commitment to reflect on the ways we all contribute to the social realities of the organisational system from within an ethical frame. Systemic approaches, methods and techniques relate to the organisation as a network of conversations, respecting and giving meaning to the responses of organisational actors, with the commitment to building imaginative future realities.

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