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Sustainable team development will increase the agency of participants and the effectiveness of the whole team.  Works satisfaction, quality of collaboration and coordination can significantly improve.

Why team development?

Demands on teams are manyfold and subject to frequent change.  Therefore, team members need to attend to such unfolding dynamics and adapt individually and collectively to changing circumstances.

We work with teams and organisations utilising affirmative and systemic methods in a bespoke and well-targeted team development process.  To achieve sustainable results we are committed to understand and affirm the many perspectives and insights represented in the team.

Team development can effectively help to

  • improve decision making
  • organise responsibilities and accountabilities
  • improve communication
  • deliberate on problems, hopes and insights
  • find generative ways for dealing with conflicts
  • engage team learning processes
  • plan strategically and coordinate for action
  • pull together as team
  • and achieve your goals.
Team development with conversations in small groups
Team development with small group work

Teambuilding that makes a difference

Team building is a broad concept often associated with activities that invite new possibilities to engage in communication and action. We believe that these often fun and varied activities are especially powerful and useful when team building is understood more broadly. 

We see building a team as a process of making sense of collaboration and coordination through shared goals, tasks and agreed ways of doing things.  For a team to work really well you need to know what contribution you can and should make, know the tasks and strengths of the other team members, be clear about the expectations on flexible or agile ways of working, understand how power should and should not be used, and how conflicts can be addressed in a generative and safe way.  In this sense, teambuilding is a process that addresses issues of effective and efficient cooperation in a goal-oriented and appreciative way, incorporating the concrete and relevant experiences, expectations and skills of the team members.

Business women engaging in a team building activity
Team building with appreciative methods

We are happy to support your team building-process by planning a possible goal-oriented approach together with you.  In this meaningful framework, we are also happy to moderate group processes in which the concrete concerns and goals of the team and the leadership are worked on constructively.  Of course, this can also be done in combination with classic team-building measures..

Team development in Vienna – next steps

Our collaboration starts with your hopes and aims for useful developments in your team.  We are looking forward to exploring with you, if and how these developments can be achieved efficiently.

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