Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents in Vienna

Aims for psychotherapy with children and young people

In our Vienna practice, we provide psychotherapy for children and adolescents in order to support their development, to reduce stress, to help coping with challenges and to cure mental health conditions. Burden and stress can affect the perception, feelings, experiences, relationships as well as bodily functions. Therapy can enable the child or adolescent, for example, to orientate better, to deal with difficulties, to build up resources, and to expand skills.

In our work with children and adolescents, at first, we try to gain an understanding of what their life looks like. Questions that we ask are, for instance: how well is the child or adolescent doing, who or what does matter in her or his life, which relationships are important, how does the young person feel about its life circumstances. We then make therapeutic offers intended to facilitate developmental experiences at different levels. These can address the processing of experiences, the work with current problems as well as hopes and concerns with the future. In child and adolescent psychotherapy, this work happens not only talking, but also through gestures, games, tasks, creative work, working with rules and boundaries. In this therapeutic work, the relationship between the young person and the therapist is of ample importance.

We strive to involve parents and other caregivers appropriately in the therapy process so that together we can positively influence the experiences and opportunities of children and adolescents. At the same time, we are committed to treat children and young people confidentially. Children and adolescents thus can rely on a protected framework and secrecy, whilst security is always the highest priority.

Psychotherapy for children and adolescents, Vienna
Psychotherapy for children and young people in Vienna

Psychotherapy service for children and adolescents in our Vienna practice

We are psychotherapists, qualified in systemic family therapy; in addition we have completed advanced trainings for psychotherapy for children and young people in accordance with Austrian regulations.

Topics in our work with children and adolescents include for instance:

  • Concentration and learning
  • Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADHD, ADD)
  • Relationship problems and conflicts
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Losses and changes in the family system
  • Experiences of violence or abuse
  • Accidents and other traumas
  • Mood swings or anger
  • Aggressive and oppositional behaviour
  • Help with depression
  • Problems with alcohol or addictive substances
  • Game or media addiction
  • Help with fears, anxieties or compulsive behaviour
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Worries about health and illness
  • Questions about sexuality and sexual identity

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