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There are many reasons why clients come for life coaching to our practice in Vienna. For instance, a desire for professional development, a question about managing a conflict at work, a decision about the place or country to live in, a hoped for life-style change, losing weight, a moral dilemma, financial matters and so forth. Some clients seek to work with us because they expect better, faster or smoother results. Others are seeking a fresh perspective and want to work a problem with two brains rather than one. A third group subscribes to the discipline of a structured process in order to sustain their efforts.

Coaching helps

Coaching helps manoeuvringsome of the pitfalls that at times stand between us and our desired life, as there are complexity, dilemmas, inertia, unhelpful emotions and limited repertoires:

  • Complexity. Today people are balancing complex lives where everything – personal matters, relationship matters, career, family, lifestyle, sense of self, and so forth – seem to be somehow connected to everything else. Hence, if we develop or change one aspect of our live, this will often simultaneously affect other important aspects.
  • Dilemmas. Sometimes we cannot have it all. We inavitably have to decide, as not making a decision is also a decision of some kind.
  • Inertia. Reaching personal goals is often an achievement well beyond making the right decision. Since once established behaviours and behavioural patterns tend to stabilise through processes of learning, socialisation, habituation and expectation, it can be difficult and emotionally challenging to implement changes.
  • Unhelpful emotions. Our feelings can be helpful, they may also guide us the wrong way or hold us back. Whatever emotions are governing our brain, we may fail in our efforts by not considering them.
  • Limited repertoires. Sometimes we react to situations in but a few ways, which do not help in achieving our goals. Expanding repertoires, imagining new ways of responding can help to step outside of self-limiting patterns.
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Moving forward with live coaching

Below we briefly characterise applications of life coaching to general personal matters, career decisions and job applications.

Personal Coaching

We have only one life, hence private life, family life and work life form a unity. Life coaching or personal coaching can assist you to give your life a specific direction: to make a decision, to take a step in your development. You can also use life coaching to take a closer look at your life as a whole, the way it is balanced and your satisfaction with it. You can use life coaching for instance to

  • orientate yourself well in difficult life situations
  • cope with new or complex situations
  • experience support and find solutions
  • become clearer about changes in relationships
  • coordinate professional and private life
  • care better for yourself
  • make and implement decisions about one’s lifestyle.

Career Coaching

We are happy to support you in taking your professional career into your hands, in making and implementing job-related decisions, in supporting your confidence. Because career decisions are important, it can be helpful to use professional support to

  • become fully aware of your own strengths and resources
  • reflect on your values ​​and priorities and find out what makes you happy
  • consider financial, social, emotional, and family ramifications
  • make concrete decisions and pursue goals
  • prepare comprehensively for important conversations.

Application Coaching

How can I present myself in my application or in an interview so that I maximize my chances of securing the desired job? We are helping clients to prepare for application processes and to present confidently, authentically and successfully. Application coaching helps to

  • assess professional opportunities
  • evaluate specific job offers
  • communicate interests, experiences and skills effectively
  • prepare well for interviews
  • overcome difficulties in the application process
  • utilise cancellations and feedback effectively

We are interested in your goals, your hopes and your story. Please contact us. We are pleased to be of help.

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