Couple Therapy and Marriage Counselling
in Vienna

Strengthen your relationship with couple therapy and marriage counselling

We invite you to consider our offer for couple therapy and marriage counselling in Vienna, for instance, to work together on your relationship, to deal with difficulties, to become clearer about a specific situation or to talk about important decisions.

The demands and hopes we have on the relationship with our life partner are particularly high. Problems, for example in communication, often arise because of these very expectations. Because of the particular importance and the investment that partners have in the relationship it is also possible that problems are difficult to talk about or difficult to resolve. In addition it is sometimes the case that disappointments and wounds have accumulated over time and stand in the way of cooperation. There may also be issues in which one or the other partner does not feel heard or understood. Communication problems can also lead to difficulties on a sexual level – and vice versa.

Couple therapy or marriage counseling opens up a space so that experiences, problems and hopes can be worked with constructively. We would be happy to help you to work on the solution of a problem, to make important decisions, to develop more understanding for one another or to change difficult relational patterns.

Couple therapy and marriage counselling, Vienna

Topics for couple therapy and marriage counselling are for instance

  • Growing confidence and commitment in the couple relationship
  • Managing conflict
  • Intimacy, sexuality and sexual identity
  • Questions regarding affairs, jealousy or trust
  • Questions about separation or divorce
  • Cultural or religious diversity in couple relationships
  • Dealing with life changes, health conditions or financial problems
  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, obsessions

We welcome working with couples of all age groups, cultural background, ethnicity, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Please call us to discuss our service and how we might be helpful to you.

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