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Systemic Family Therapy in Vienna

Families can find it useful and effective to attend systemic family therapy sessions together, as this opens up new opportunities to listen to and support one another. Parents, children, grandparents, patchwork families, friends and other people related to the family can therefore contribute to the success of the therapy.

To say it in other words, in systemic family therapy we use the generative power of relationships. Our relationships include, for example, how we react to each other, how we understand each other’s actions or what feelings everyone has. As a result, every family member contributes to how the others are doing whereas each family is unique and special. Family members generally manage to respond constructively to one another, to support one another and to resolve conflicts. However, this does not always work or at least not for all family members. Then it makes sense for everyone to come together and try something new.

In family therapy, we try to understand and honour the perspectives, ideas and concerns of everyone involved. Of course, these perspectives and the positions family members take will be different. We are also interested in the intentions of everyone involved. In addition, there are often attempts by family members in one way or another to solve problems or avoid conflicts. Finally are we interested in how come that some problems or difficulties persist nevertheless. 

How you as a family can then achieve more together is a task that we are happy to work with you on.

Systemic Family Therapy and Family Counselling, Vienna
Systemic Family Therapy – Consultation House Vienna

Topics that can be addressed in family therapy sessions are for instance

  • Seeking to improve relationships within the family
  • Working together as a family and dealing with complex issues
  • Bringing up children and adolescents
  • Dealing with life changes
  • Help with depression
  • Drinking and other addictions
  • Problematic use of media or gaming
  • Difficulties in schools, such as bullying or making friends
  • Problems with learning, attention or with adapting to new situations
  • Separation or reconstitution of families
  • Dealing with fears, anxieties or obsessions
  • Self harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Eating disorders
  • Coping with life changes or severe illnesses
  • Coping with loss of loved ones
  • Support with traumatic experiences, violence or abuse
  • Mood swings or anger issues

…and other difficulties and dilemmas that occur in our lives.

Please call us to discuss our Systemic Family Therapy service in Vienna and to find out how we can be of use to you.

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